Густо шеф гюсто Gusto at your service

One, who appreciates women!

   Working meetings, negotiations, traffic jams, household chores. In the modern dynamic world woman are active, prompt and unpredictable, they conquer all spheres, but at the same time remain gentle, womanly, charming keepers of family traditions. And each of them uses small secrets, allowing to bring together in the evening family around the table…

Gusto trademark is the notes of the French refinement in your dishesб emphasizing their uniqueness and turning family dinners into visit of restaurant of high kitchen.

Refined Gusto sauces on mayonnaise basis – the whole palette of tastes, from tenderness of herbs from Provencal meadows to enchanting spectacle of New Orleans. Having once appeared in your kitchen, they will become its constant inhabitants and irreplaceable assistants to each woman …

“Gusto” – the ideal assistant to the modern woman. Wide choice of tastes will help to diversify both the family menu, and dishes for picnics and friendly parties. “Gusto” cares for that it cooking became not routine, but favourite occupation of each woman, whether it be the business lady, the student or the housewife.  

Working on compoundings of products of our brand, technologists of the company studied cookery history many countries and after careful takeoff have stopped on the culture of France, as the skill of the French culinary specialists long since is famous worldwide.